Hello there! Thanks for reading about me and welcome to this fantastic and endless wine journey cool

I am Cecile Israel aka Cici The Wine Lady, French Lady, based in China, Shenzhen.

I love cooking, running and I am a chocolate lover. Are you?

WHO says wine is complicated?

I strongly believe wine shall be easy & fun!

I discovered wineūüć∑ when I was only 15 and I developed my wine passion when I was studying at the Hospitality school in France, Paris.

BUT I really disliked the way wine was taught,  and becoming such complex and elitist.

I strongly believe that WINE is about sharing & fun! I want to make it more accessible!

After completing my wine & hospitality studies, I got my MBA at ESSEC Business school and enjoyed various international experiences in the hospitality business.

I travelled across Europe and also Middle East with different experiences in Restaurant operations, Marketing, Finance and Business Strategy. I worked in famous hotels and palace and I loved it.

Why do I love wine?

Wine is¬†like a human body and is sensitive to many factors such as conservation factors, temperature, etc. It¬†evolves with time. You can’t master of wine, you will always be surprised and learn something new about it. Wine is from nature and highlighted by¬†human.

Why did I launch my own business?

I always wanted to make wine more accessible but did not find something suitable in the market. I decided to launch my own business, aiming to make wine accessible and fun for everyone. 

I created multi-sensory wine labels with some “Scratch & Sniff” technology helping you to select a suitable wine or identify and remember wine aromas.

I distributed my own selection of fine wines.

I also run hundreds of events. Sharing about wine is definitely what I prefer!

Known as Cici The Wine Lady, I educate about wine through my unique approach, without using any technical words, all easy & fun. I organise wine events for corporates (team building, VIP event…) as private ones & help wine brands to develop.

I now want to further expand my knowledge online to anyone in need.  I believe wine shall be accessible, easy & fun for everyone.


Cici The Wine Lady