Business dinner…is a vast topic.

It is a very important moment where you will learn more about your colleagues, your potential or current client, your future boss, an investor….

It is also an essential part to close a deal.

So all in all it can a source of pressure.

If you have to pick or bring a wine on top, stress level goes very high! The choice of wine will also impact on what others will think about you or how you consider them.

So let’s make things easier and I will share to you 10 tips to pick the perfect wine for your business dinner and enjoy!



1/ Order in advance

Get the wine list in advance or get to the restaurant earlier.

Ask the sommelier or head waiter some advices: share information about the context, budget, invitees. If you are not sure about his recommendation don’t hesitate to challenge and ask her/him WHY?

  • Ordering in advance will make you look confident about your choices- nice, right?

2/ Grab information on your invitees

Do they have any allergies or preferences?

  • Example: the person is Vegan so maybe get a Vegan wine? That person will be pleased about.

3/ Check the food

Is there mostly meat, fish & seafood, spicy food, desserts?

  • Pair wine accordingly (more info coming soon).

4/ Wine recommendation

  • Overall and especially if there is mix of dishes, pick a light-medium red wine fruity with slight acidity to fit “most” people taste and food. Suggested grapes: Pinot Noir, Merlot…
  • Bubbles can make their effect too.
  • If you go for a white, pick something refreshing and aromatic. Suggested grape: Sauvignon Blanc
  • Who say 1 wine? Pick 2, why not?

5/ Surprise

You can opt for some audacious choice with specific aromas / taste / origin (for example a spicy or something not coming from a traditionnal wine location) but be sure of your choices!

  • This kind of choice will definitely make you look adventurous

6/ Avoid cheapest wine

This is common sense but picking the cheapest one (unless you are sure of the wine) will not pleased your invitee.

  • The value or attributes you put in the wine will also reflect what value you put into your invitees.

7/ Gift packaging

If you bring wine as gift, packaging is also important, especially in Asia.

  • Packaging is also part of the experience. Think about perfume or phone packaging, this is already part of the product…

8/ Special Vintage

You might have a common story with your invitee or shared milestone. Or just remember something important that happened to your invitee on some specific year. 

  • Pick the vintage accordingly

9/ Theme

Maybe the restaurant has some food has some specialty (origin) or you are celebrating something.

Pick some wine accordingly

  • Example: Italian restaurant Italian food, sparkling wine to celebrate, etc.

10/ Customisation

Personalisation is key.

  • Small attentions make the difference so get a close listening to your invitee’s mood, etc.






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