DISCOVER wine, all easy & fun!


Wine is NOT complicated

Wine is about sharing & conviviality!

Discover the basics about wine tasting and much more,

NOT technical, 100% EASY & FUN!


WHO says wine is complicated?

I strongly believe wine shall be easy & fun!

I discovered wine🍷 when I was only 15 and I developed my wine passion when I was studying at the Hospitality school in France, Paris.

BUT I really disliked the way wine was taught,  and becoming such complex and elitist.

I strongly believe that WINE is about sharing & fun! I want to make it more accessible!

Why do I love wine?

Wine is like a human body and is sensitive to many factors such as conservation factors, temperature, etc. It evolves with time. You can’t master of wine, you will always be surprised and learn something new about it. Wine is from nature and highlighted  by human.

After completing my wine & hospitality studies, I got my MBA at ESSEC Business school along with international experiences in the hospitality business. I decided to launch my own business, aiming to make wine accessible and fun for everyone.

Known as Cici The Wine Lady, I educate about wine through my unique approach, without using any technical words, all easy & fun. I organise wine events for corporates (team building, VIP event…) as private ones & help wine brands to develop.

I now want to further expand my knowledge online to anyone in need.  I believe wine shall be accessible, easy & fun for everyone.


Cici The Wine Lady



Have you?

  • Have you EVER felt frustrated to not be able to select a suitable wine? – ending up with something that didn’t fit your taste at all felt disappointed about?
  • Have you EVER felt frustrated to not know how to taste wine? – drinking but not really enjoying it and not knowing how to look, to smell or how to taste your wine?
  • Have you EVER felt uncomfortable speaking about wine or choosing a wine at a restaurant or over a business dinner?

Most of us did…


What if…

What if you were able to SELECT a wine that perfectly fit your taste?

What if you were able to enjoy HOW to taste your wine?

What if you felt COMFORTABLE talking about wine with people and actually…enjoying it?

Wine is a really like a human body, sensitive to many factors.

For example, wine is sensitive to temperature, wine needs to breath, wine evolves with time, like us…a bad service or storage can totally affect your wine’s quality…what a waste…

So many people enjoy making wine complex by using technical words. And wine becomes hence an elitist world…

NO! It can’t last further!

Wine seems complicated but it is mainly about feelings and social life.

My goal is to make it accessible, easy & fun offering YOU a unique and enjoyable wine experience!

Who is this course designed for?

  • Anyone who wants to DISCOVER more about wine.


  • Anyone who wants to be able to TASTE wine and RECOGNIZE its own taste.


  • Anyone who wants to be more CONFIDENT to order wine or ENJOY and talking about wine (at the supermarket, at a restaurant or over a business dinner).

Who is this course NOT designed for?

  • Anyone who wants to become an expert or wine SOMMELIER.


  • No specific requirement or experience is needed to follow the course.

  • The course is specially designed and taught without technical words and is very accessible.

What will YOU learn?

  • HOW to serve wine?


  • HOW to taste wine: look, smell and taste


  • HOW to pair wine & food


  • HOW to store wine, unfinished as unopened bottles


  • NOT TECHNICAL, 100% easy & fun!

How is the course organised?

  • The duration of this course is 60 minutes of wine eLearning with LIFETIME ACCESS.

    • We will discover through 17 videos all steps of wine tasting, starting about wine service, 3 (and actually…4) steps of wine tasting and of course, how to talk about wine without mentioning food pairing.

    • We will also learn how to pair wine and food along example of bests pairings.  

    • Did you enjoyed your wine but don’t want to finish your bottle yet? We will discover how to keep an unfinished bottle of wine and how to store the ones not opened yet. 

    • and plenty of BONUSES


    Joining will not only provide you with all the wine basics about wine tasting, wine storage, wine service, wine & food pairing…

    You will also enjoy FULL privileges

    • Get your FREE wine tasting PDF recap, to enjoy anytime with your glass of wine.

    • Receive FREE extra WEEKLY wine tips.

    • Join for FREE our MONTHLY exclusive zoom meetup to ask any questions and discover more about wine, easy & fun!

    Why NOW?

    You could just actually do fine… but you would miss a lot of fun!

    You would miss also that unique feeling of enjoying and demystify something unique.

    You would probably also miss that feeling of being comfortable to speak about wine during social or business gatherings…

    Are you going to take action?

    You can totally continue your journey and this is fine.

    But there is another kind of person…

    Someone who wants to know about wine and enjoy it because wine is easy & fun!

    Which person will YOU be?


    “Cici  has a natural charm when it comes to teaching others about wine. You can clearly see her passion and experience in the e-learning videos. I enjoyed learning about how to pair and cook with wine. I had no idea it was so easy! I have also attended her events and I have learned a lot about the industry. It has made me more confident in starting discussions about wine and also picking a good wine for dinner with a group.”

    Patrick 运启帅

    ” The wine event, live talk and wine e-learning hosted by Cici is always full of fun and surprising new knowledge. Wine is like a human body, wine and food pairing is all about balance, all these simple but practical worlds help us to choose the right wine. Join us, let’s discover wine together!!!


    “Cici has the talent to teach wine in a simple and entertaining way. The course provided a full range of content I had no clue about and and Cici’s passion for wine and smile infuse during all the track.”


    “The E-learning taught by Cici are so worth it! I really like Cici’s energy, she has a great capacity to share clearly and playfully interesting and useful knowledge about wine. As a French, for business meetings I really felt I need to know more about wine and now I’m super confident to share my knowledge about it! Also I had wonderful time at her events She shares super interesting and useful knowledge about wine and she always has a great wine selection! Also Cici has a great network which it gathered naturally fascinating people!”

    Daisy 惠珊

    “Cici is definitely my first and best wine teacher I could have. From her passion for wine and food, I’ve learned a lot which gave me the knowledge and right tools to appreciate wine fully. What’s more, she also inspires me in cooking and wine paring. With Cici, wine finally makes sense to me! It IS simple and fun everytime ! Highly recommend you to try it yourself!! “